About me

Thorsten Gro&szig;I am both teacher and network administrator at Ricarda-Huch-Schule in Dreieich Sprendlingen. Since 2013 I am also part of the school government.

After my traineeship as a teacher I first worked in a Software-Company in Frankfurt/Main among others as a Technical Consultant of the projectmanagement and in a Linux-Computing center. These experiences have been very useful after my reentrance in school life when I started working also as an administrator of the school network.

Since many years I am involved in the subject „Linux / OpenSource and school“. This is one reason why the URL „linuxinderschule.wordpress.com“ has been my first Blog-URL. Meanwhile my focus has spread out and I want to show this with my new blogname“paradigmagnus„.

Wortspiel paradigmagnus

Play on words paradigmagnus

With this play on words of the latin notion for perception, mindset oder way of thinking and my latinized familyname (gross = big) I want to point at the personal view and interpretation of the culture of education that is mentioned in the title of my blog (idealism in spite of the culture of education).



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Thorsten Groß

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